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“Tenth Avenue Space-Out”
Belmartians and the Boss

In 1973, Martians landed in Belmar, NJ on the corner of 10th Avenue & E Street. They had entered through the same worm-hole that they would use again in 1980’s when they were spotted hovering over the marina by the bridge.

Upon exiting the space craft some aliens went to the beach, but a few encountered Superfish, the prehistoric fish that would later become the mascot of SurfTaco. Superfish introduced the aliens to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band.

One alien showed Little Steven how to wear a bandana and another told Bruce that he was the Boss. Clarence Clemons hit it off with Superfish and they talked about playing sax and being larger than everyone else.

This was all witnessed by a young Rob Nagel, founder of SurfTaco. They are still among us today...and probably playing in a band.

This painting is currently on exhibit at the Belmnar Arts Council in Belmar, NJ as part of their Urban Myth Exhibition.

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Tenth Avenue Space-out,
24”x 18”,acrylic & sharpie marker on canvas

Aliens in Music